Psychological science grants happiness, health, and safety, through learning about the four basic motivators of human behavior: feeding, fighting, flighting, and sex. The purpose of these motivators is survival. Feeding energizes our survival; fighting is the assertion to gain what we need for our survival; flighting is the ability to stay away from what is dangerous to our survival; and sex is the pleasure associated with our survival.

Society generally allows us to learn about feeding, fighting, and flighting motivations. However, society inhibits our learning about sexual motivations.

5MIWeekly.com facilitates learning about sexual motivations. By providing the tools of encoding, introspecting, and applying within ten content modules, 5MIWeekly.com can empower anyone to become sexually educated.



Where “it” begins

What do you mean?

They said what?

Nuts and Bolts

On being healthy

On being unhealthy