Introspection 1: Who Am I?

Your first introspection will be titled: Who Am I?

You are to answer the prompt from a psychological perspective — do not describe yourself physically. For example, try something like: “I am an emphatic person because…”, “I have been an extroverted person all my life…”, or “Why have I been such a nervous person? Maybe because I am…”.

You will be using what Wilhelm Wundt, father of psychology, called introspection. Introspection is the first method used in the science of psychology. It is simply defined as, “looking inward”. Who are you when you look inward?

Another perspective may be from Sigmund Freud. Freud used psychoanalytic techniques such as dream analysis and humor interpretation to look inward and define who we are.

Yet another perspective is that of William James, the father of American psychology. He developed the view of psychology called functionalism which is concerned with measuring what humans “do”. What do you do? Who does that make you?

Any of these perspectives can be used for introspection, you may also write it in any form you choose. A letter, a poem, a formal or informal essay, that is up to you.

Do NOT use jargon! Write the introspection in your own words, using your own language. The main point of these introspections is for you to learn more about yourself by using this exercise. This exercise is about you, for you.